Can Telehealth Improve Your Doctor’s Visit? 7 Benefits of Telemedicine

January 29, 2021

Can Telehealth Improve Your Doctor’s Visit? 7 Benefits of Telemedicine

Want to see how using telehealth could improve your healthcare experience? Then check out our complete list of the benefits of telemedicine.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, more patients and healthcare professionals have learned to rely on telemedicine. In fact, 25% of consumers were using telehealth services before the pandemic.

As reliance on telemedicine continues to rise, the market is expected to reach a value of $175.5 billion by 2026.

What exactly are the benefits of telemedicine, and how does it improve the healthcare experience?

In this guide, we’ll review the top seven telemedicine benefits you can experience as a patient. By discovering the advantages of telemedicine, you can schedule an appointment with a teladoc and experience these benefits yourself.

Read on to learn more before your next appointment.


1. Improved Access

One of the top benefits of telemedicine is the increased access to care.

The specialists available in your area can limit your options. If a specialist isn’t available in your area, you have to take time off to travel to see a doctor. Some patients fail to see the doctor they need because they can’t make the trip.

If you’re severely injured or too sick to travel, you might fail to receive the necessary care. As a result, your condition could get worse.

Needing to travel could limit your access to the care you need. Thankfully, telemedicine allows you to “visit” any doctor regardless of the distance. You’re no longer limited by geographic barriers.

Instead, you can consult a specialist regardless of where their office is located.

Telemedicine is extremely beneficial for patients that live in an area with limited resources. Many areas are medically underserved. As a result, patients who live in these locations often fail to receive the medical attention they need.

In fact, many locations report less than one physician per 1,000 patients. Given the shortage of physicians in many areas, some telehealth companies have already seen a 50% increase in demand.

On-Demand Options Available

With telemedicine, you don’t have to worry about limited access or options. Instead, you can contact a physician based on the specialized care you need. You won’t have to worry about having a tight schedule, either.

With telemedicine, you can find the best consult for your needs, when you need them, whether or not they’re nearby.

As more physician’s offices offer telemedicine, you’re more likely to receive access to your doctor remotely. If your physician isn’t available over telemedicine communications, you still have options.

There are many on-demand physicians available who can work to your schedule. While not all of them are specialists, many can help with a range of health issues. Better yet, many insurance companies will cover telemedicine care, too!

2. Better Quality of Care

What are the advantages of telehealth for patients? According to one study, telemedicine can improve the quality of care by offering patients:

  • Better engagement from their doctors
  • Fewer days in the hospital
  • Reduced hospital admissions and readmissions

Choosing telemedicine can ensure you receive better care from your physicians. You’ll no longer have to worry about nurses rushing you from the waiting room to a patient room. Your doctor won’t miss an important symptom as they hurry you from their offices.

Instead, your tele-doctor will give you the dedicated attention you deserve. That dedication could ensure your doctor gets a better understanding of your health concerns and needs.

3. Enhance Engagement

Telemedicine benefits patients by keeping them engaged in their own healthcare, too.

For starters, telemedicine provides you with convenience and flexibility. You won’t have to worry about rushing back to work while you’re on your lunch break. Instead, you’ll have the flexibility you need to schedule an appointment based on your schedule.

The dedication you’ll receive from your physician will help you learn more about your health needs, too. As a result, you’ll become more engaged in your care.

Otherwise, you might neglect to ask an essential question that could improve your health for the long-term.

4. Reduced Costs

Ensuring you receive proper healthcare in an easy, efficient way can reduce expenses. For starters, you’ll no longer have to travel to visit your doctor. Telemedicine could reduce your need to stay in the hospital as well.

According to this report, a video-based virtual doctor’s visit an costs about $50. A low-severity treatment at a doctor’s office costs about $85. Meanwhile, visiting an urgent care facility costs $130, and visiting an emergency room costs $740.

myDOCTORplan™ allows patients to pay a simple, fixed rate of $14.99/mth with no consulation fee. Plus, one program includes the entire household!

5. Improve Traditional Healthcare

After realizing the benefits of telemedicine, some patients choose to receive the majority of their healthcare needs through tele-doctors. Telemedicine can also improve traditional face-to-face appointments rather than replacing them altogether.

To receive proper care, a doctor-patient relationship is important. If you don’t trust your doctor, you might not admit an embarrassing symptom or ask an important question.

After your initial appointment, you can use telemedicine to keep up with follow-up appointments and checkups. Meanwhile, you can remain educated about your healthcare needs.

Then, you can visit your physician’s office for in-person appointments as needed.

6. Less Time in the Waiting Room

No one likes sitting around in a waiting room. By experiencing these telemedicine benefits, you can also reduce waiting room times. Instead, you can use that time remaining productive at work or at home.

Not having to sit around in a waiting room can reduce your risk of catching an illness, too. Waiting rooms are full of sick people. With the spread of COVID-19, social distancing is more important now than ever.

With telemedicine, you can stay at home, reducing your risk of picking up a disease or passing one on to someone else.

7. Uphold Your Responsibilities

Telemedicine allows you to save time and money by eliminating your need to travel to the doctor’s office. As a result, you won’t have to take time off work. Instead, you can schedule a virtual appointment before or after work, or during a lunch break.

Some patients are responsible for children or older family members. Trying to bring them with you to an appointment can become stressful.

With telemedicine, you can manage your responsibilities and still make an appointment.

Help Your Health: 7 Benefits of Telemedicine to Consider Before an Appointment

Improve your overall health! Consider these seven benefits of telemedicine before your next doctor’s appointment. By speaking with a tele-doctor, you can save money, eliminate travel needs, and avoid catching another illness.

Want to experience these benefits firsthand? Discover how it works today!

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